Rule Name: Max Cost Reviewer

What this Rule Does:  

Looks at all article requests in designated queues and checks the billing category of the library, and if a library you charge, checks to see if the maxcost is above your charges.

  • Checks billing category in lender address.
  • If a library you bill/charge, then reformats maxcost (stripping out IFM, etc. in the maxcost field).
  • Compares against your charges to ensure that the library is willing to pay your costs.
  • Routes to designated review queue for staff to conditional, cancel, or review.

 Why would you want to use this Rule?

  • Automates checking of costs so that libraries who will not or cannot pay your charges are not billed and services are not provided without compensation.
  • Removes need to review max cost as part of lending verification process.

 What is needed to use this Rule?

  • Have IDS Logic.
  • Designate your max cost.
  • Indicate queues you want this rule to run on.
    • Note- Different queues can have different criteria (i.e. if you charge $20 to international libraries that come into a separate international queue, and only $10 to US libraries, you can have different criteria running on these separate queues).