Rule Name: Book Chapter Availability Lookup

What this Rule Does:  

Looks at all article requests in your main lending queues (e.g. Awaiting Lending Request Processing):

  • Determines if the request is a book chapter request (differentiates between issn and isbn)
  • Searches your z39.50 for availability information, and then either
  • Cancels in OCLC and Illiad, using appropriate cancellation reason in both systems, if book chapter is requested from something that is checked out or in a collection from which you do not scan.
  • If available to scan, Imports call number and location information into transaction in ILLiad.
  • Routes to specified queue, which could be Awaiting Stacks Searching or another custom queue.

 Why would you want to use this Rule?

  • Automates availability checking and cancelling of book chapter requests.
  • Allows libraries to deflect book chapter requests from collections that they will not scan from (i.e. Rare Books collections).

 What is needed to use this Rule?

  • Be an active user of IDS Logic
  • Set up Lending Availability Service through IDS Logic, including Z39.50 settings.
  • Determine what collections are:
  • Not available for scanning (will be automatically cancelled)
  • Always available for scanning but may not be “available” in your catalog.



Figure 1:Transaction Detail of Book Chapter Availability Lookup transaction demonstrating the fields and information updated by IDS Logic.




Figure 2: Transaction detail of book chapter request automatically cancelled by Logic as the book was checked out.