Rule Name: Loan Pickup Reminder

What this Rule Does:

  • On a daily basis, looks at "Customer Notified via E-Mail," or other custom queue where items awaiting pick up are kept.  Sends reminder email to patron once reminding him or her to pick up their ILL item. 
  • The number of days after the item is put in "Customer Notified via E-Mail" or other queue is configurable, and default is 7 days.

Why would you want to use this Rule?

  • Reminds patrons to pick up ILL materials.

What is needed to use this Rule?

  • Be an active user of IDS Logic
  • Add email template to customization manager, and provide name of template to IDS staff.
  • Determine the subject of the email to send to patrons.
  • If a shared server, the code for what NVTGC you would like the rule to run on.