Rule Name: Lending Expiring Soon

What this Rule Does:

  • Looks at Lending Requests in “Awaiting Stacks Searching:”
  • Checks "Creation Date" field to find items that are in jeopardy of expiring in OCLC.
    • Default is over 3 days old, but time from creation date is configurable (i.e. if you wanted to flag 2 day old tns, that would be possible).
  • Adds Expiring Soon Request Flag
  • Routes to custom queue (optional).
  • Adds notes (optional).
  • Adds text to specified field in ILLiad, in case you wanted something like "Priority" to print on pull slips.

Why would you want to use this Rule?

  • Provides lending staff an efficient way to find problematic lending transactions or find issues where a pull slip is lost or another issue caused a delay.
  • Allows staff to find and resolve request before the request expires, and if request needs to be cancelled, cancellation is performed more quickly.

What is needed to use this Rule?

  • Be an active user of IDS Logic
  • Be on at least version 8.5 of ILLiad to add flag.
  • If a shared server, the code for what NVTGC you would like the rule to run on.