Preparing to Implement Lending Availability Service

When completing the Lending Availability Service (LAS) set up information, please provide us with collection information so that we can look up the collections in your catalog, or if providing item types or other information that we cannot easily discover in your catalog, please provide us with OCLC #'s or titles.




 Rule Explanation What Lending Availability Service Will Do with These ItemsExamples of Possible Locations/Status/Collections
Leave for Staff ReviewItems that you want staff to review to make a decision.LAS will return call # and location information, but will not check availability, route, or cancel as these are items that require staff intervention.• Reference or restricted collection where special permission/review is needed.
• Video or other collection where booking or circulation is done in another system.
• Periodicals (if you lend entire volumes)
Available ExcludeItems whose availability is generally labelled “Available,” but the library is not willing to lend.LAS will treat these as “unavailable” and exclude these, although they will return “available” from your z39.50. These are typically collections, item types, etc. that you will circulate to your patrons, but not lend via ILL.• Reserves
• Reference
• Restricted collections
• Special Collections
Item Status ExclusionsItem statuses that indicate that you cannot lend material.Items in the specific Item Statuses will be cancelled.Please provide either titles or OCLC #'s for us to review.
• Missing books
• In process or On Order Books
• Claims Returned
• Items on Hold



IDS Logic Lending Availability Service is typically implemented in three stages:

1.Install the IDS Logic Addon and supply IDS with your z39.50 connection information, and we will test the connection to your ILLiad database, and your z39.50 server.  Supply IDS with at least the basic availability configuration information (e.g. collections you want to exclude, etc.).

2. Availability, call #, and location information inserted into transaction with rule information that may be applied to transaction. At this phase, no routing, cancellation, or other actions on transaction will take place.

3. After you are comfortable with information returning from Lending Availability Service, routing, automatic cancellations, and other features will be turned on.



Setting up these rules may require using Lending Availability service, and testing what your z39.50 will return for availability, and refining your availability settings in Lending Availabilty Service.

RuleExplanationWhat Logic Will Do with These TransactionsExamples of what collections or item types may fall into this category
Unknown IncludeItems whose availability is generally incorrect or unavailable, but the library is willing to lend.LAS will treat these as “available” regardless of what z39.50 returns, typically because availability is not correct.
  • Government document, fiche, or other collections that don’t have item level cataloging or availability.
  • Non-circulating collections that you will lend from (e.g. local history, archives, etc.)
Unknown ExcludeItems whose availability is generally returned as incorrect or unavailable, but the library is not willing to lend.LAS will treat these as “unavailable” and autocancel, regardless of what z39.50 returns, typically as these are items that don’t have meaningful availability information.
  • Ebook collections
  • Digital repository items (e.g. electronic copies of theses, etc.)
Unavailable IncludeItems whose availability is generally incorrectly labelled “Unavailable,” but the library is willing to lend.LAS will treat these as “available” and route to be pulled and lent, even though your z39.50 returns “unavailable.” These are typically items you will not lend to your patrons, but may lend via ILL.
  • Reference (if you lend ref. via ILL).
  • Special Collections (if you lend special collections via ILL).

Please let us know if there are any availability scenarios that are not covered in these rules, and we may be able to customize something to handle these cases.

As we are testing LAS, we may run tests of queues that should be helpful for us to determine how to configure your ILL lending availability, such as “Item Shipped” and “Cancelled by ILL Staff,” looking for patterns within cancellation codes, etc.

However, it is extremely helpful to have individual TN’s, OCLC #’s or ISBN#s to test and effectively map your z39.50 configuration and LAS configuration.