Rule Name: Custom Transaction Router Emailer

What this Rule Does:  

Based on query and parameters, routes the transaction to specified queue and send email if desired:

  • Runs the query specified on the queue, status, and transaction type.
  • Unlike client addons, does not need an action to run.   For example, this can route transactions from queues or send emails even if they have not changed status for days or weeks.
  • No limit on length of query on routing rule.
  • Can only send emails to default addresses (patron email for borrowing, and borrowing dept email from requesting library for lending)
  • Can be run on multiple queues simultaneously.

Why would you want to use this Rule?

  • You would like to execute a complex routing rule that is too long for a client routing rule.
  • A routing rule after routing from site to site is needed.
  • A routing rule after another routing rule is needed (“daisy chaining”)
  • Actions are needed on transactions in queues long after they have been routed to a queue (i.e. routing a stale “Request Sent” borrowing transaction to a special queue and sending an email to a patron that there has been a delay with their request.

What is needed to use this Rule?

  • Be an active user of IDS Logic
  • An sql query to use to base the routing rule on.
  • If an email communication is desired, the email template must be in the customization manager.
  • A subject for the email being sent.
  • If a shared server, the code for what NVTGC you would like the rule to run on.