Rule Name: BorrowingLoanRenewalOK

What This Rule Does:

Looks at requests in “Awaiting Renewal OK Processing:”

  • Identifies system note that is created when the lending library provides a different due date than your system settings
  • Reformats the date in the system note, and updates the due date field in the ILLiad transaction based on the due date provided by the lender.
  • Sends email to the patron notifying them of new due date
  • Routes transaction to “Checked out to Customer” status.

Why would you want to use this Rule?

  • Transactions in this queue are typically providing longer due dates than what your system settings are, and this is a good way to “pass on” the extra renewal time to the patron without opening the transaction and processing it.
  • If the due date is less than the due date that was requested by the patron, this is a good way to notify them that they need to bring the book back earlier.

What is needed to use this Rule?

  •  Be an active user of IDS Logic
  •  An email template in your customization manager for the automated email that is sent to the patron.



Figure 1: Transaction detail of Renewal OK Rule showing reformatting of system note to due date.




Figure 2: History of Borrowing Renewal OK transaction demonstrating email notification and routing of transaction.