IDS Logic

What is IDS Logic?

IDS Logic is a service that helps automate ILL workflows for libraries using ILLiad. IDS Logic creates a connection to a library’s ILLiad database through a Server Addon, which communicates with the IDS Logic service. IDS Logic can help improve and automate ILL workflows by:
  • Performing automated actions on ILL requests based on complex criteria executed through server-based rules.
  • Sending automated notifications to patrons regarding ILL transactions.
  • Automating time consuming steps in ILL that require making decisions on information that is contained in the ILL transaction compared to ILL policies or settings.
  • Conducting automated searches of internal library services such as the catalog (via the Z39.50 server) with information contained in ILL transactions to automate time consuming steps such as looking up call numbers for book chapter or loan requests, or cancelling checked out items or items from restricted collections.
  • Sending information from ILL transactions to external APIs or web services and return information to help further automate ILL processing.
IDS Logic is free to IDS Project members and is available for subscription to libraries.

About IDS Logic Rules

IDS Logic allows libraries to use and turn on whatever rules and services they deem will help them automate and improve their ILL workflow the most. Not all libraries will need or want all the rules that are available via IDS Logic, and IDS Project staff can work with libraries to best determine what rules will work best with libraries as well as develop or customize existing rules to best fit the local workflow.

Contact Information

Please send your questions or suggestions to Mark Sullivan at